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Bride Skips Wedding Bouquet Toss, Mother will preserve Bouquet in Resin!

Did you know that both dried and live flowers can be preserved or encapsulated in resin?

💐This is not a new trend, however it’s becoming increasingly popular among wedding enthusiast and florist as they develop better techniques and come up with more creative ways to showcase your bouquet.

💐If you have florals, centerpieces, boutonnieres, or your bouquet that you would like to preserve from your wedding, we recommend that you take a video of every side of the bouquet so that if any leaves or flowers are damaged before you’re able to preserve it, you can have your florist replace those to restore it to the original arrangement!

💐Here are some Instagram accounts we follow for ideas on how you can showcase your florals after your wedding. If you are very crafty you can test your skills but we recommend a professional!




What do you think, should Briana’s mom put her gifted bouquet in resin?!! We think so! 💐

The bouquet dedication from Willowynn Bride, Briana Keith, who gifted her bouquet to her mother to honor her on her wedding day was featured not only on Good Morning America but also an article was published in People Magazine!!

And confirmed per the article "Keith also reveals that her mother will be preserving the bouquet by getting it “pressed and turned into art by Allison Marie Designs.” "

Wedding Venue: Willowynn Barn

Bouquet by Blooms by Mela.

Photo and video credit: Event Smith Productions

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