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The Story of Willie the Shot Donkey!

Willie is Willowynn Barn's five-year-old furry miniature Sicilian donkey. He was born on a farm here in Santa Fe, Texas. His love for people is deep and he has a personality to prove it! He’s a mixture of Eore and a Great Dane!

Willowynn Barn wedding donkey
Willie the shot donkey

Being raised inside from birth he knows his way around humans. He’s not like a normal farm animal, oh no, he does his business in a box! Yes like a cat!

Willie will lay around and cuddle with you and bring your shoes to the door when he wants to go on a walk.

willie the shot donkey at willowynn barn

If you don’t let him inside, he will eat your siding and some people say the cross on his back is because his people walked with Jesus!

Willie is the sweetest little donkey this side of the Mississippi and loves to pretend to take shots with you and eat your bouquet! He makes an appearance at your wedding if you want him to.

You can meet Willie on July 23, 2023 1-4PM at our next Summer Open House!

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