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When to send what

Wedding planning may start the MINUTE you get engaged, but when should you start sending Save the Dates and Invitations? Here's a quick reference:

Save the dates

6-8 months in advance

Give your guests plenty of notice so they can mark the weekend on their calendar, book hotel rooms and call the babysitter! Be sure to include the city/state your wedding will be in so out-of-towners can plan accordingly.


4-8 weeks

This sounds like it's cutting it really close, but now that they have the date marked on the calendar, don't rush too much to get these out. It's good to build a little anticipation. 😉

RSVP deadline

Be sure to tell your guests when they need to have their RSVP back to you. The Caterer typically needs your final numbers 2 weeks before your wedding, so we suggest telling your guests 3-4 weeks before the big day.

Pro tip: number the back of your RSVP cards with the number on your guest list. This way, if someone forgets to put their name, you know exactly who sent it!

Thank yous

Immediately. Don't wait to send your guests a 'thank you' for sending or bringing you a gift. Be sure to set aside some time to hand write these letters and get them out within 4 weeks after your wedding.

Happy Planning!

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