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AllSeated and How it Works

Welcome to Willowynn! Now that you're a Willowynn bride, you are probably ready to get started planning! You might be wondering how to get started, we'd love to help you understand all the in's and out's of this program!

Note: This program, unfortunately, won't work on your phone. Please use your computer.

If you don't have an account yet:

Go to and click "create account" as a "host". Fill out your information, using your name (the bride) as the "event name". Once you have created your account (takes 1 min), click "add venue". Search "The Barn at Willowynn" and add us by selecting "notify by email".

Next, click "seating" at the very top bar. Then "new floor plan" and select "venue" from the right side of the screen. The floorplan name can be "Reception plan A" or "main plan". Whatever you like, just let me know which one is your top choice. :)

If you need help, let us know and we can do this part for you!

Next steps:

Now it's our turn. Send us a quick text and we will add a template that includes all our available tables and details. Then, you can start moving tables around!

The bar and the catering tables stay in the same areas but everything else is up to you. Tip: the chandelier on the back side of the building (left side of Allseated) is on a separate dimmer so that all the other lights can be turned off during your first dance.

Tables available at Willowynn:

  • 12 Farmhouse tables (12 ft)

  • 6 tall round cocktail tables

  • 4 long cocktail tables (1x4ft)

  • 2 Catering or Head tables (8 ft)

  • 1 Sweetheart table (5 ft)

  • 1 Round Cake table (4 ft)

  • 1 Bar

Please refer to for a full list of things we offer. Also, please check out the "The Barn at Willowynn Brides to Be" Facebook group for photos, quantities and dimensions of everything we have available for you to use.

We don't have a floorplan for the chapel, so if you have a special request, please let us know. You can also make your own floor plan for the chapel, if needed.

About AllSeated:

Invite your entourage and vendors! This allows everyone to see your set up and plan accordingly. This is especially helpful for your florist!

AllSeated saves automatically so we will be able to see all your updates on our end! It also logs you out after inactivity, but again, it will auto-save, don't worry!

If you want to do a seating chart, click the tab "guests" and it will let you add them one by one or you can download and Excel File. You can also name tables if you want to reserve any for family or bridal party.

The 3D feature will let you walk around the venue to see the room from a birdseye view or first person perspective. Please keep in mind the spacing may not be accurate.

Add food trucks, photocamper or horse trailer bar to the outside area by zooming out on the program. Make sure to label them if you have more than one.

Tools on the top bar include grids and measuring tools to help you get a better idea of spacing.

Tips and Tricks:

Here's a good rule of thumb: There should be at least three square feet of dance floor space for every two guests. So, if you have 150 guests, you would need a 15' x 15' dance floor; 200 guests would be about an 18' x 18' area. Use the grid or measurement tool on AllSeated.

Make sure to leave room for guests to get into the buffet line

The corner by the bridal suite has more room for the DJ to spread out without blocking the door.

Happy planning!

This is a wonderful tool that a lot of potential, be sure to click all the buttons and let us know if you find anything super useful that we haven't mentioned!

If you need any help, let us know and we can zoom with you to show you all the things!

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