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I've had a lot of questions lately about when to "make the call" on rescheduling weddings. A lot of brides are concerned about buying and sending invitations and then possibly having to change their date and send more invitations. Yes, that is the tricky part right now. How do you tell your guests to save the date if you don't know the date yet?

If you're not sure what date to tell your guests yet, now is a great time to customize a wedding website and get organized. This is a great way to make your guest list, keep everyone's RSVP's organized, and keep your guests up to date on any changes that may happen.

Here are a few sites that offer personalized websites and guest list management:

Some are free, or you can customize your domain for a monthly fee. is what we use for our table layouts, but they also have a guest list management tool that helps you make a seating chart! You can also use it to make a timeline for the big day! But this is more of a site to coordinate with the venue and your event coordinator.

Check out too. It's like making a Pinterest board, but for all the websites you need to keep all in one place! Love this site!

As always, if you need any help, don't hesitate to call your coordinator! We're all in this together. Happy planning!

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