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Top 5 reasons to hire a DJ

As you start your wedding planning, you might start with your budget, which may mean cutting out a few lavish items like an ice sculpture or a 5th entree, but don't cut out a DJ just yet! Sure, you can hook up a phone or a playlist to the wired-in speakers, but here are our top 5 reasons why a DJ should be a top priority.

1. Your DJ IS your party

I often hear brides tell me "I just want my guests to have a good time". Well, me too! That is why I am in this business after all! Your DJ has learned how to read a room and plays music accordingly. Did you know that there is more to playing for a wedding other than just picking a song and pushing play? There is actually a really cool "science" that goes into picking the next song, depending on tempo and the vibe in the room. Also, the songs have to mesh when one ends and the next one starts. It's actually really cool to watch!

2. Your DJ makes announcements

When it't time for dinner, who is going to let everyone know? Or when you're about to toss the bouquet? Or cut the cake? No one wants to miss those things and you sure don't want to be the one yelling at the top of your lungs for everyone to gather 'round! Your DJ has complete control of the room. Sit back, relax and leave it up to the DJ to keep everyone on track.

3. Your DJ coordinates

Experienced DJs have seen many weddings and events. They know when everything needs to happen and why. For instance, if no one is bustin' a move, your DJ can then make a call to toss the bouquet and garter. This way, the single ladies are up on the floor, and then the gentlemen....boom! Copperhead Road and a packed dance floor! Works every time!

4. This is your HYPE MAN

I've worked with many DJs over the past 4 and a half years! Some really great ones and some that probably weren't cut out for DJing a wedding. Personality is ALWAYS what I look for when talking to DJ's. If you have a great time talking to them on the phone, laughing and joking around, you found the guy. He's going to do the same thing for your wedding, he's going to interact with your guests and make sure they are all having a great time. Go for QUALITY!

5. Ceremony timing

Sure, you may only have 2 songs that you need for the ceremony, but are you going to leave the most important day of your life in the hands of your cousin's best friend with an iPod to make sure it goes seamlessly? Probably not. Your DJ watches every move of the ceremony to make sure the songs are played at the right time and that the songs fade out smoothly. Also, he knows what to do if your song played out before all your bridal party could get down the aisle. I always refer to the ceremony as "the hard part", not because I don't like doing it, but because this is the biggest day of your life and you have trusted me and your DJ to make sure it plays out the way you have always imagined. That's a lot of pressure! Let us take care of it!

So, if you haven't found the perfect DJ yet, call me... I know a guy or two. Top priority is making sure that you, your family and all your guests have a great time and can actually enjoy all the hard work you put into planning. Hiring a DJ will never be a bad decision, as long as you hire the right one! Always ask for referrals and read their reviews!

Happy planning!

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