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Do You Really Need a Wedding Planner?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

As a #Venue Manager and #WeddingPlanner I get this question A LOT. To answer in short, YES, I truly believe you do. Having someone to help create your dream wedding, within your budget, and be there on the day of to handle decor, vendor arrivals, timeline, seating charts, and all the small details is well worth the #Money.

We get the comment from #Brides all the time “Well my mom and bridesmaids will do it” and I’m sure they will, but they’d rather spend that time focusing on YOU instead of making sure the caterer is on time, making sure the venue set up your layout perfectly, that the florist hung the greenery on your arch the right way, oh and that your ceremony starts on time, guests are happy and you don’t have any worries at all. A wedding planner does ALL of those things and more ALL the time.

So yes= you do need a wedding planner, especially if you want a stress free #WeddingDay !

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