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Color me Wed

As a coordinator for many years, I have seen so many unique weddings, from Halloween theme, Disney, Gatsby, Labyrinth, to rustic... I’ve seen a lot! Themes are fun and a great way to show your personal style, but if you don't know where to start, here are a few tips.

If you want to keep it a little more traditional, rather than a theme, I suggest picking out a few basic colors. I highly recommend choosing the colors of your wedding season. Winter/Fall: Black, Forest Green, Plum, Burgundy, etc. Spring/Summer: Ivory, Coral, Yellow, Baby Blue and of course, Blush. But, if you want to go with your favorite color and your favorite color is “unicorn’s tail on a cool summer’s eve” you’re probably going to have a hard time finding dresses and flowers to match your theme. Be sure to broaden your color pallet by finding matching colors. There are warm colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, etc and cool colors: Green, Blue, Purple, etc. Try to keep them in the same color tones. Search Pinterest for inspiration pallets to get you started, then try to imagine your flowers, dresses and decorations in those colors. Some dress companies will send you swatches for your girls’ dresses. Don’t get too caught up on matching your flowers to that EXACT swatch. Different mediums/textures are going to vary in colors. It’s okay to have a few different tones.

As for themes, what do you and future hubs enjoy doing? Bicycling?=Bike wheel/flower hoops. Foodies?=Food trucks and “build your own” stations. Dogs?= I’ve got a million ideas for that, come see me (future post to come)! There’s always a way to incorporate “your thing” into your wedding. Let’s get creative.

You got this.

Happy Planning!

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