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5 Ways to incorporate your fur baby in your wedding

When we imagine our wedding day, we imagine being surrounded by all the special people in our lives. But what about your fur baby? We've got 5 great ways to make your pooch feel special! Points 2-3 work for cats too!

  1. Make them a flower girl or ring bearer! Have your florist make a #floralcollar for your baby to walk down the aisle. Have your mom, bridesmaid or someone the dog trusts, walk them down to stand by your side. #escort

  2. Add them to your invitations. @laurenligondesigns has made some beautiful drawings to be used for invitations. Check her out on Instagram!

  3. Make them your bar mascot and name a drink after them! Again, adding a cute photo to your bar menu and naming it "Fido's Folly" is a great way to honor your pup on your special day.

  4. Engagement photos or announcements. Take your pup to your photoshoots and let him help you announce your love! Noone can say no to a cute dog requesting their presense at a wedding. #socute

  5. Even if your good boy won't sit still for the ceremony, you can still take pics afterwards! There are services that specialize in picking up dogs, bringing them to your wedding and them taking them safely back home! Also, ask your petsitter if they would be able to do this for you. This way, you won't have to worry about keeping up with him or worrying about who is letting him outside.

  6. Bonus: #puppybouquets If you are a lover of dogs, ask your local shelter if they would be intersted in providing a few small adoptable babies for your bridesmaids to hold. This is an adorable way to help some fur babies get adopted.

Happy planning!

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